Moccis are Marvellous!

It takes a lot to impress us…this is a fact. I have somehow ended up with a scrupulous shopper, who – very quickly decides what does and does not work for her. And me. I’m not allowed to shop without her because, “mom, you can make some terrible choices”. Haha.

Shoes, in particular, have always been a focus point, and my kid has always been a bit mad for shoes. It can make life difficult at times but we get through – usually with a lot of compromise! Shoes also have a bad habit of falling apart easily in our house…

And then, along came Moccis.

Moccis are handsewn, machine washable, little shoes of awesome. We chose penguins for this pair as they “will go well with jeans, mom!” 🙂

Not only are they comfortable, warm and perfect for running around the house, but their non-slip bottoms help on our tiled floors!

About those tiled floors…they get dirty really easily, and my best mate will also tell you – I LOATHE dirty shoes. And floors. Dirty anything, really. But Moccis make that problem go away. And, because they’re machine washable, I don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to dirty shoes now!

As for kid…she says:

“Mom, I think I need a pair of every type…I can wear this everywhere! They are my precious shoes” 

Take a look at the great range of Moccis on Queck Baby and order away! The team at Queck Baby  are efficient, sweet and  full of helpful information! Take a look at the rest of the products they also have an offer – you won’t regret it!

p.s. Just so you know, Moccis are available in all sizes – from babies to adults! Yes, the cuteness can be on your feet too!


(This is a review post. Like I’ve said before, I’ll happily review products we love, and we love Moccis!) 

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