Real Steel – a peek into Nokia’s not-too-distant future?

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I was fortunate enough to be invited to the premier of the upcoming film “Real Steel”, and to be honest, the film exceeded my expectations. I found it to be a perfect mix of visually astounding yet believable CGI, action, and drama. Set in the year 2020, where human-controlled robot boxing is a popular sport, an ex-boxer (played by Hugh Jackman) stumbles across a discarded robot with his estranged 11-year old son and soon realizes he may have found a champion.

An interesting fact is that Nokia makes a cameo appearance in the form of Hugh’s mobile phone, which can be seen in the movie trailer (at 00:16), here.

It’s one of those ‘if-you-blink-you’ll-miss-it’ moments, but look carefully and you’ll clearly see Hugh’s futuristic handset which seems to share features of a few of Nokia’s current phones (the E7, the N8 or possibly the N9).

It’s a beautiful, slick looking phone, sporting a large touch-screen, protected by a glowing translucent body. The software (judging by the battery & signal icons) seems to be a version of the open-source MeeGo operating system, which is interesting because it has been speculated that Nokia would most likely abandon MeeGo once the current N9 had been succeeded. Trying to tell us something, Nokia?

I personally hope that this is a genuine taste of things to come. Other cellular phone manufactures could take a few tips from Nokia’s ground-breaking design.

The future is looking good!

For more info on Real Steel, see here and here!

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