oh. one more thing.

something my father did, sticks with me daily.

especially when i write something that could be construed as controversial.

he would always point a book out to me, the title of which has always strengthened me.

so this is my middle-finger-in-text-format to people who may not like what i write, for whatever their reasons.

i write what i like – steve biko.

oh, and a comment from my friend and compadre superperson Glugster below:

“I read what I like” – Glugster

If people don’t like what you write, then they should not read it. God, I hate dumb people.

6 thoughts on “oh. one more thing.”

  1. Thats such a cool thing. Im just visualizing all these cool, positive titles and thoughts swirling together – strengthening you silently with a Dad aura. Awesome.

    While i read this i was listening to The Smiths “I know its Over”

    “…Its so easy to laugh, its so easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and kind…”

  2. Thank you my friends

    @mulletized – yeah, im very very lucky to have had such an awesome dad. i know he’s with me everyday.
    AND SACK THE SMITHS! an all time fave!

    @Angel – yes, you are. and so you deserve it!!!

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