The Munchbox: A review & Giveaway!

I really do enjoy the wide range of monthly subscription box programmes that have cropped up over the past couple of years. It seems like you can sort your life out in style nowadays, using just monthly subscription services and, heck,  I like that idea. Anyway, let me introduce you to a new kid on the subscription box service block, The Munchbox. I’ve also got a Munchbox to give away to one lucky reader so check out those details below!

What’s in the box?
Made with families in mind, The Munchbox sends you and your kids a box a month, which contains: 3 recipe cards, a shopping list, some fun resources and some of the utensils you need to create the recipes. If you’re looking to make funky additions to your family kitchen arsenal, this could be a sweet way to do it too.


Yes, but what’s it like?
We took to trying out The Munchbox on a Saturday afternoon, after my kid had completed her exam studying for the day. Heading into the kitchen to make a delicious mess does definitely help you to shrug off the exam anxiety! After assembling the ingredients we needed, to make the scrumptious looking Apple Squares, it was pretty easy to let my kid at it, with the easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions and cute utensils to use. For the record, I did a price comparison: adding the cost of the good quality utensils the team sent, combined with the cost of a family recipe book and a puzzle or wordsearch magazine, this works out to be a pretty darn reasonable to have some kitchen fun with the kids.

Apple Squares | The Munchbox

What we liked about it:

  • First off, my kid loves to create in the kitchen, but I’m more of a box-mix mom or, you know, the type that sends a box of biscuits on cake sale day (cringe, those things always creep up on me like a surprise clown, and clowns scare me). So, for me, I liked how this recipe didn’t require any exotic ingredients and was made up of things we’d usually find in our kitchen anyway.
  • Secondly, the easy to follow instructions meant I could stick the recipe card up on the wall and let my daughter at it, only jumping in to help when the oven needed turning on. Also, the recipe’s simplicity means that it’s pretty easy to add your own twist to it, so we popped a sprinkling of cinnamon into the mix for that extra apple-pie-type-vibe.
  • And, of course, the final product – man, these apple squares are yum! I can see these becoming a regular feature in our school and work lunch boxes. I also really like that you can buy the utensils individually via The Munchbox online shop.


Where can I find out more about The Munchbox?
You can check out The Munchbox website, follow them on Twitter or check them out on Facebook here.

What’s in it for me?
And now that you know what The Munchbox is all about, I’ve got one to give away!



Here’s how to enter:

  • Simply comment below to tell me the name of your favourite family recipe. A winner will be randomly picked from a hat (be warned, there’ll be a cute Flipagram!) and we’ll get The Munchbox team to send you a box as a prize!
  • This competition is open to residents of South Africa and entries close on 29 May 2015. A winner will be announced on 1 June 2015.


Disclaimer: I was sent a Munchbox kit by The MunchBox team to review for the purposes of this post. 


42 thoughts on “The Munchbox: A review & Giveaway!”

  1. There is NOTHING like my Great Grandmothers, Ginger Tart. Oh my! You have never tasted anything like it, and I sure as hell haven’t been able to buy anything like it for YEARS!

    A serious family secret, best served with some freshly whipped creme in the presence of friends & family. 🙂

    A true gem, started in the heart of the Freestate 🙂


      1. Oh, yes! GINGER TART! It is INCREDIBLY, I don’t even know how to describe it, you just have to eat it! 🙂 And the aroma’s from it when it comes out the oven? So hard to resist, luckily it can be eaten both oven fresh, or cool. You taste the cinnamon a little more, when its still hot. It’s just a winner either way! 🙂

  2. Oh wow, I see a lot of the comments have pumpkin in. Ironic, because our favourite family recipe is…..Pumpkin spiced cupcakes, with cinnamon cream cheese icing.

    I actually made a batch of these cupcakes for a friends farewell party, and should have made more because they were gone within 5 minutes.

    One word: DELICIOUS!

  3. Muffins & more muffins! It’s a fun & yummy way to incorporate fruit into their diets & it’s always filling…my kids just love having a muffin & a glass of milk & its so easy to make. Our range is anything from banana, to apple cinnamon, strawberry & choc chips. A nice lunch box snack too – Just love it 🙂

  4. My favourite savoury family recipe is a broccoli and blue cheese soup! It’s creamy and contains cheese – what’s not to like! And on the sweet side, I love my grans chocolate and banana cake!

  5. Moms home made buttermilk or aniseed rusk. My mom would make it from scratch, kneading away. Then she would cover it with blankets, and we would wait with eager anticipation for the dough to rise and have to resist the temptation to poke at the dough. Once risen, dough was squeeze into balls and placed into pans ready to bake. The fresh smell of homemade rusk still lingers on my taste buds.

  6. I have to admit that my wife makes the best baked cheesecake ever. It’s also banting-friendly which is a plus!

  7. We’ve started a tradition that each child in our household has to pass the Pancake Test before his/her 12th birthday. Our eldest did it last year and our 2nd eldest is due to take the Pancake Test in the next couple of weeks, as he turns 12 on 16 June.
    Pancakes are a thing in our house and we have them for dinner every Wednesday. Just a little something treat-ish to make the week feel a bit less like a slog…

  8. I cant cook… but a favourite is our family’s marie biscuit cake. Biscuits dipped in coffee and layered in cream. Always reminds me of birthday parties. 🙂

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