contents of handbag.

as per request tag from Sheena.
photo to follow shortly.
it’s a black lil thing that goes everywhere with me. (sheena, on that note, twin twin).

1 x piece of paper with addresses of places to view during the ‘accidental househunt’
1 x sunglasses that are actually julia’s and she has mine.
1 x book fair notification which i still need to give to my mom (crumpled up. should print it again)
1 x post it note with lunch order (must throw away)
1 x receipt for feminine hygiene products (must throw away)
1 x wallet with no money in (wah!)
1 x mp3 player
1 x little red bag with my citrine crystal in (its been with me every day for seven years now)
1 x oh my god what is that (i think its an old soup packet?
1 x identity document. with boarding pass in. (hi nick)
1 x deodorant with no lid (wah)
1 x faulty lighter
1 x dunhill lights, 20s
1 x working lighter
1 x set of house keys with remote
1 x set of house keys with two lanyards, office keys, other people’s house keys and server cab keys
1 x post it note with details for monday’s shindig.
1 x lipgloss
1 x ‘pretty’. originally sent by aunty pam for christmas. claimed by cameron.
1 x alot of AAA batteries (not used in vibrators)
1 x padlock with key (why?)
1 x lipstick
1 x Super M memory stick.
1 x lots of hairclips
1 x bulldog clip
1 x nokia communicator that hates me and which ross believes has an “automated response service”. especially after last night’s wonderful little ‘lets send the wrong messages to the wrong people incident’. Which, FOR A CHANGE, (shurrup Sheena and La), was NOT my fault.

um, that is all, i think. photo coming.

random tasks.

1 random task. clear out that cupboard which never stays that way and somehow accumulates junk. muchlike my ‘leave them in there and they will reproduce’ CD drawer

2. random task. sort out that pile of junk and decide where it should go. some to g, some to you, none to me.

3. random task. decide, totally, on next chop. no, not the loin type. hah. the skin type. with ink.

4. random task. book date, flight and mindframe.

5. random task. remember that its the piscean time of year. you know this. its all the ebb, the flow and the overfly.

6. random task. release and breathe.

7. random task. catch up on work.

8. random task. pick a proverbial pumpkin.

9. random task. smash it. again.

four things

four things id like to happen
1. the universal delete button
2. cigarettes to be cheaper
3. someone to invent the nonyapping dog. and then deliver it to the people living across the road from me
4. unlimited,free bandwidth in SA. No, scrap that, i know i am asking too much. How ’bout bandwidth that’s fast, works and doesn’t rely on telshitekom?

four things i cannot live without (things not people)
1. cigarettes
2. cellphone
3. coffee
4. clingwrap

/weird that thats all c’s

four numbers i have recently dialled

1. home (which is weird. i may never dial that number again)
2. boss
3. garry

four things i am looking at
1. curtains
2. screen.
3. cigarettes
4. cellphone

four things i wish i could do
1. take good photos. i take shit photos
2. be photogenic. i take shit photos
3. be coherent in stressful situations
4. draw.

four things i wish someone (not just one person) knew
1. that their presence on the earth makes me sick
2. that their presence on the earth makes me hopeful
3. that their presence on the earth makes me feel safe
4. that their presence on the earth makes me not feel so alone

/some of those people i think already know these

four things i need right now
1. tea
2. new pyjamas
3. my windows cleaned
4. sleep

four things i wish you knew
1. that i have a favourite playlist. which you probably hate and will one day point out to me and i will laugh at my patheticism
2. that i generally am in awe of everyone, and its not the other way around
3. that i think you try too hard when you really don’t need to, especially with me
4. that i really like them, even though i may never see them again