it’s the end of the world as we know it. not.

Yes, I know, a lot of blog posting goodness today.

But, I’m pretty busy right now (or as members of the PPP, yes, that includes you SheBee, say: We are very BusTy and Important!) Waha, and things are going well on the work front.

Now that I’ve said that, something will undoubtedly spontaneously combust and flames will seep the super smell of soot into my hair. Woot. Christ, I hope not.

Anyway, it’s been a good day. Did a lot of work, got on with it, chatted to some old and missed friends (including Larcy! and i got a sick bag! all in one day! don’t die! hehe4) , got some good news, laughed a lot, and tried to think of interesting ways to cook courgettes.

No, actually, I’m not joking, I’m flipping partial to courgettes, k?

Anyway, According to some whackjobs, tomorrow is the end of the world.

Who knew? I’ll be sure to wear clean knickers and to bring my towel (and if you don’t get that reference without clicking the link, get the fuck off my blog you unread and uneducated idiot).

Anyway, just a random thought though, if they’re going live with LHC tomorrow, 10 September…

(which, incidentally, is J’s birthday, be sure to wish her if you see her!)

but its also the day before 9/11. So like.. what?  are we counting backwards every few years and are actually working towards some apocalyptic date or wtf?

seriously. get over yourselves people. the world is not coming to an end in one big fuckup bang. But, it is dying slowly. and you’re probably helping it to happen.

And hey, maybe they’ll work out the new dark energy thing, and open up a new dimension or two.

A dimension where all IM conversations are always perfectly spelt would be useful. And where one’s predictive text does not leave your flatmate in shrieks of laughter would also be useful. Yes, go ahead SheBee and tent away. waha.

On another note, Denham Coote has been keeping us updated on the life and times of “Divorce at the Mugg and Bean”. Go Denham and your superb rapportage skills! Still laughing at your reporting from yesterday. Talk about Public Ownage. Waha. SheBee has also been keeping us laughing with her attempts to un-butch. Waha.

Will is bored with being at home, but working up a storm.

Lil Cam is improving and smiling. Poor babe. It sucks being sick.

And you. Yes, you. You probably already know what I’m going to say. Fongoolery.

Catch you later, darlings. Be good.

(on an admin note, this site will soon have a new domain. keep watching).

james – song for today, for PPs, VPPs and PFPs

hehe. song for today – james – the bangles.

for me and la, our past purges, very present purges and our possible future purges. (PPs VPPs and PFPs)

(yes, i have a PFP).

I knew it’d turn out like this
I’m keeping one foot on the train
I must be a masochist
to ever take up with you James
It sounds familar that tone in your voice
Your gonna quit James you leave me no choice

oh James
lettin’ me down again James

Well it wasn’t so long ago
I saw love in your eyes
And I think I should have known
but I’m feeling somewhat surprised
You think there’s someone better for you
You think I’m too young to see this thing through

I knew it’d turn out like this
I’m keeping one foot out the door
And I don’t think I should trust
that kind of love anymore
And now I realize I had it all wrong
I’ll only take this shit for so long

oh James
Lettin’ me down again
Guess it’s goodbye again
Lettin’ me down again
Lettin’ me down again