Dons another hat and reads the Zeitgeist

So the Google Zeitgeist is out here

It interested me. Why? Well, er, it’s actually part of what I do for a living. It’s very telling. It gives an insight into what people feel at the core, sitting behind their screens and working, thinking, being.

The South African one interests me, obviously, most of all. I’m gonna give myself a gander through a few of the categories and mentions.

The Fastest Rising

It doesn’t surprise me, for example, that gumtree is a top search. it’s a simple advertising platform that really works like a massive classifieds archive.

Facebook? That’s a given. We saw FB, as we often call it, rise and rise in ’07 and now in ’08, that companies are banning it, and people are talking about it… Well, what did you expect? Facebook scored as the most popular search term.

Lotto. Heh. Anyone wanting to win it and or trying to find out where their money’s going. Nuff said.

Eskom. HAHHAHAHAHAHAAH.  Everybody knows we had some interesting, enforced lunch breaks in offices all over the country this year.

Top Newsworthy

Got me. totally.

A security company ranks 8th, just after Barack Obama and xenophobia. and just before the Zimbabwe Election. Scared, anyone?

So I read through it. And here we are, sitting behind our monitors, trying to stay in touch with our friends, and worrying about our future.

All of us so similar, yet, so urgently fighting against each other.

Reading the Zeitgeist made me feel a part of something again. And sad that we don’t always feel that way.

I mean, think about it, what do you search for on google?

Stuff that YOU want to know about.

Things that YOU’RE thinking about.

So, with that in mind… what do you think your Zeitgeist is for 2008?

What’s the thing that’s bugged you the most this year?

Made you think the most?

Worried you the most?

Made you smile the most?

Chances are, they are the same as mine.