A note to myself.

Today, I uncovered some things. Today, I realised I have a private battle with a few things I need to face. No, screw that, CONQUER.

Anyway, I wrote this little note to myself. I refuse to dissolve into a sweaty panic over this. I absolutely refuse.

1. You have the power to do this, and do it well.

2. You have the knowledge to make things happen, and you really need to trust yourself on this one.

3. You have to be disciplined to be kind. That may not always make sense to you, and it’s flipping hard but, it’s true.

4. You are way luckier than you have ever been, right now.

5. You have the power to make choices and take control. Make them, take it.

6. Own it, feel it and believe it.

7. This is what life is. There are no easy exit routes or sideways aversions. This is life at 31, and it’s yours. Isn’t that brilliant?

8. You have more choices than you’ve ever dreamt of. Amazing fact, hey?

9. You have the ability to work very hard. Work very hard. You know, best of all, the immense satisfaction you feel from working very hard.

10. Don’t be so afraid of speaking your truth. It’s hard for you, I know. But, seriously, people love you anyway and because of it.

11. Enjoy the little moments, you know the ones. Savour the smiles. Throw away the frowns.

12. Breathe and keep moving.

For this, I’ll need a Theme Song:

(and I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s lame).

Truth is, this video actually tells the story of my life as I see it right now. Honestly, no video has ever, ever summed up my life EVER. And this one does. I resolve to listen to this song every single day whilst I work away on this little battle.