catch you soon.

angular-momentumi’ll be under the radar and quiet. for at least a week. i may or may not blog. depends really. don’t be hurt by that.

sometimes i need a little cath time. this is cath time.

be good. don’t fight. love each other. make peace with the fact that you are only as much as you can be. don’t let people tread on you. ignore destructive commentary. love the compliments. honour each day. remember to say please and thank you. make sure you get your chocolate rations in, every day. laugh. listen to children. always listen to children. they are more honest than you could ever hope to be. they’re the courageous ones. remember that. they’re untempered by real life, yet. don’t let anything or anyone keep you down. shit is bound to get you down, it’s the staying down that’s the problem.┬áThis picture is for you.

And, Cam. Cam. Mama loves you. You and your gorgeous hugs. You and your stellar smile.

You and the brightest eyes. You bounded out of bed this morning and said

“mom. you’re going to catch a plane. i want a big box of different coloured earrings from cape town. that’s my present. tell aunty sue so that she can remind you”

i love you munchkin. i love you my Campai. this will be the longest time ever i will be away from you.

remember what we know about Mommies and Camerons…

They Always Come Back.

And, as moral fibre reminded me, and which i wear proudly on a shirt,

Don’t Let Anyone Fuck With Your Dreams.