Shoes on Her Feet

It’s almost time to head back to school. Last year was such a mind flip for me,  so getting ready to re-enter the classroom and start up that homework machine is making me a little anxious. But, that’s not what today’s about.

I have a list of ‘grudge’ purchases related to stocking up for school, and usually spend a good six weeks recovering from the financial outlay required before we head to the classroom on the first day. But, as we’ve gone through the years, I’ve realised more and more that skimping on stuff just doesn’t work (we won’t talk about the year I ended up buying four pairs of school shoes because I kept going for the ‘cheap’ option).

Green Cross 1

Take a quick quiz in your head – which pair of shoes does your kid wear the most and for the longest amount of time?

I’m going to spoil this daydream moment for you and tell you that it’s not her favourite pink beach sandals or his trendy sneakers. Nope, it’s their school shoes.

It makes sense therefore to ensure that our kids are wearing comfortable, supportive and tough school shoes. And that’s why I’m putting Green Cross on my kids’ feet for the 2016 school year.

First up, a confession: I tried these on myself (my daughter and I are the same shoe size at the moment!) and they’re so comfortable that I’m actually a little bit envious. Durability and comfort are, obviously key, and these comfy shoes are double stitched and have a neat little, breathable sole to ensure maximum support.

Second confession: I love Mary-Jane type shoes. I had a pair of my own in the 90s that I lived in (long after school) and bought another pair back when I lived a power suit life. Nowadays, I’m more likely to be wearing slops than anything else, but I may pop out and get myself a pair of Mary-Janes now, just because, did I mention? These are seriously comfortable.

In her words, my kid described them as:

“These are so awesome. They’re very bouncy!”

(she’s also probably relieved I’m not forcing her into her old scuffed ones for yet another term).

I took a peek over at the Green Cross Facebook page and saw that anyone who buys a pair of school shoes can win a bunch of cool prizes before 31 January 2016.

44748 17 Dec

Here’s how you can enter:

Pop across to this #VeryCoolForSchool site and enter the last five digits of your product barcode. You can then Spin to Win some of Green Cross’ prizes! There’s iPad Minis, gift cards and other sweet stuff to win. Yay!

May your first day back at school be a great one. We’re off to bounce around before we head into the classroom for Day One. 



<This post is not sponsored, but my daughter received a pair of shoes to review for this post>