Sunday Thoughts

It’s quiet here, at home. My Sunday routine of PostSecret, quiet tapping on this keyboard. Tea.

You left early to go and do what you have to do. I would’ve come but, you’re right, I needed to relax.

A very long, very good sleep.

I’m awoken from it with tea and a grin.

You’ll tell a funny story, I’ll interrupt it with my own.

Then it’s mad rush out the door and I sit down and i think.

I ponder the intricacies of where all of this came from, and a friend will phone and we’ll delve, teeth bared and ready, straight into the crunchy centre of the eternal ‘why are we here?’ conversation.

It could be a million things, or none of them at all.

“…could it be to make the world a better place? Or is it just a test to survive it? Where do we end up after this phase because, you know, I wouldn’t have believed you five years ago that this is where you told me I’d be…”

the big questions take a step back and sit down. i roll over and i smile.

none of the big questions plague me in the middle of the simplicity of you and i.

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