Magic and Other Mumbles

My friend over the wires makes magical things in kaleidoscopic ways. This is one of them. You should listen to it. Go on, pop your headphones on, click, read, scroll down and listen. It’s magically magic.

But within the bars and beats, listen carefully and, you’ll find this line:

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

JK Rowling said that. She of Harry Potter fame and incredible tweet game. Now, as an aside, before I continue, I should tell you that I’ve never read a Harry Potter book, nor watched one of the movies. I have my reasons for it, but, as my daughter begins to climb into them soon, I know that will change. I’m happy with that change and, perhaps, I’ll dive into them with her. It’ll be an exploration we can undertake together.

/an aside, over/

I really love that quote by JK Rowling, because it speaks to something I’ve had to make a conscious effort over. I’ve been doing a lot more internal… well, I’ll show you. This is me, on a normal day:


Somehow though, recently, I’ve been feeling stuck on steps 1 through 4. And when you get there, and feel middlishly-muddly-and-muddy, well, it’s hard to get out.

Instead of sticking there and trying to wait it out though, I decided to go for one week, just one, and force myself to do things, to get unstuck, de-muddled, whatever you call it. Here’s what I did:

  1. Forced myself to smile. This is hard, because I sometimes feel like I look like a murderous clown when doing this. My face is as easy to read as a newspaper, typed in size 72 Times New Roman.
  2. I forced myself to smile while working, I forced myself to smile while out and shopping and I even forced myself to smile while sitting in a queue at the local tax office. Okay, on the last point, I pretty much rage-tweeted my time there, but I still smiled the whole time. Told you I am a bit murderous when I do this.
  3. I also demanded of myself to take an alternative view when confronted by things. On one front, I determined that, when someone got weird/angry/strange with me, I’d try empathy first, instead of my usual response of “You bit my head off, now I’m going to chew your face off.” Here’s one instance of how I did it:

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 19.08.15 PM

Now I’m not here to save the world (neither are you) or to write a self-help book, or do anything rather grandiose. I’m not about to hand over life advice, unless you asked me to, or start a hashtag. But I will tell you this, little blog of mine – just doing those two things meant I had a good week, despite the roll-around-hedgehog-wheel of life that happens. I’m going to try it again next week, and that includes another trip to the local tax office, among other things. I don’t know, smile sometime. Make yourself. It won’t fix anything, but it sure as heck won’t make anything worse. Change your perspective, just once, and adopt an alternative view when your brain instantly goes into MDK mode when confronted with an annoyance. Just, I don’t know, try it. I think I needed this more than anyone else.

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