For Jane, on her Birthday.

In life, we get cheerleaders. We have to be our own on the way to finding our own troop of cheerleaders, but it’s true. Those mates who stick by you, and will go in to bat for you at any moment.

I realise I’m lucky. I have a crew I can call at 2am who will be wherever I need them to be, in a heartbeat and a skip jump. It is the same for them (and you people should know this) that if they need me, I’m there.

Jane 1

One of my biggest cheerleaders is someone who’s been in my life for a while but we’ve become quite close in recent times. We laugh at the same things, love to invest in each other’s daydreams and crazy-but-totally-doable ideas and we share the same set of principles when it comes to life. I know I can say anything to her, and it stays with her. But I also know that if I need a backup army, she’s unquestionably there for me with no qualms about it. Jane keeps her cheerleader pompoms for me, right by her side, all the time.

Today is her birthday. Jane. Happy birthday you little legend. Thank you for teaching me to: Not Care About The Things That Are Not For Me; for showing me how to Ditch Guilt and for being a solid support when I’m doubting myself. You are a treasure and a giggle, all rolled into one. You are compassionate, kind and the good kinda crazy. You know the type – the one that puts passion first, and follows through, every time. You are astute yet aware at all times of other people’s feelings, and you’re never, ever one to pull someone down when they’re kicked. It’s you that lifts people up, even on their worst days. Nothing deters you when you have set your focus – it’s incredible to witness.

I am so lucky to know you, you funnywonderfulwoman.

Jane 2

Never change.

Here’s to an amazing year ahead, and may that light of yours shine brighter than ever before.

I was going to insert a bunch of terribly embarrassing photos of you here, but I think we’ve had enough of those recently so I stuck to the good ones 😛 

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