Things you don’t know about me

…and now probably will…Just thought I’d shove in a random post here, to lighten things up around here. Also, I needed to find a use for these images, because each of them rock for their own random reasons). Lastly, it’s Friday. Thank the stars.

1. I have Misophonia. It bugs me to the point of rage. This is why I often used to eat at my desk, and will, usually, eat away from other people. I actually took it up with my doctor the other day, and she recommended I carry on avoiding situations where I’ll get aggravated, as best as possible. She also told me to try focus on other things when it happens. That’s not so easy. Fact – if I eat with you, you must know, you’re special to me. Very special. VERY SPECIAL.


2. About that doctor – I love her. To pieces. She is one of the most understanding, empathetic people I know. She looks at the WHOLE problem you face, not just symptoms. She is a brave, wonderful woman and I fear the day she moves away/retires/decides to give it all up and go make jam on a farm. She also deals very well with my…

3. Paranoia. Yes, paranoia. I am supremely paranoid about: people and death. People, you ask? Haha. Have you MET people? Every person you meet has a 50/50 chance of being a complete chop, or a complete dear. You usually find this out within the first five minutes of meeting them. Sometimes, chops hide behind a facade of being a dear. It’s a tricky situation. And death? Well, yes, death. Because I have that whole “oh-heck-I-have-dealt-with-death” thing in my life, I fear the crap out of it because I do not want anyone I care about to ever, ever go through that loss. So, the moment my chest aches, or I have a migraine, I instantly think “I’m dying. That’s crap” and panic. I don’t do being sick well, mostly because I feel guilty and worried (haha worried sick!) that I’m going to die. Most of the time, you’ll find me sick and working – this is because I refuse to acknowledge that I’m sick, and can therefore calm myself into believing that I’m not going to die. I am HORRIBLE to be around, grumpy and generally unpleasant.

Woman Sneezing at Her Desk
This is me. Except there’s usually 85 piles of paper, tissues and post it notes all over my desk. And my hair NEVER looks that good.

4. I don’t deal with whining well, especially if you’re an adult. I don’t even tolerate it from children (which makes me a less-than-understanding mom, some days).

I think I need to make this a new life motto.

5. I can’t sleep if I have socks on. Someone gave me sleep socks as a gift once. It didn’t work out well. They became sockpuppets (the sleepsocks, not the gift-giver). But, I cannot sleep if my feet are uncovered. So I’m a duvet on feet girl. Everything from my ear to my toes must be covered, otherwise I cannot sleep.

No bear, No!

6. Memes. Give me memes. Let me sing you the song of my people? The song of my people is…memes.

Memes. Memes. Memes. Give me memes, and make them funny.

(ended it on an even number…do I win something, Angel and Glugs? :P)

5 thoughts on “Things you don’t know about me”

  1. I am exactly like you with the socks!
    Cannot sleep with them on my feet but…
    My feet have to be covered so I usually tuck the duvet under my feet.
    Then I usually tuck a daschund over that just for good measure 🙂

  2. I have to have one foot covered and one open…and I NEED to sleep facing the door. I also don’t do whining. When I think someone has licked wounds to the enough point then I tell them to stop being a pansy and rip the plaster off. If someone challenges me in an assholish way on something I KNOW I’m right about I punish them by doing it their way to the letter so they can learn their lesson.

  3. Mwaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Lemme ask him quickly!
    Glugster says you win his everlasting respect – until you end a list on an odd number again… 😛
    So I can’t be a chop since I have actually eaten with you – more than once! 😀

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