I have a few thoughts…

1. This song, today. I’ve been thinking alot about world events, because of a friend, who brings much to light. I’m keeping this song in my head alot at the moment, because it calms me. And reminds me.

2. Today is 19 months with my precious, wonderful Shmooshy. Lucky, lucky girl, I am.

3. I’ve been up since 2am. I’ve mentioned this previously. I watched my kid sleep. I do that a lot, I know. And one day, she’s going to wake up and shout at me for it. I hope not. But, for the moment, I love the quiet observance of watching my sacred blessing snooze. She kicks in her sleep, like I did as a child, and sprawls her way across the bed like it’s a land to be explored overnight. I was exactly the same as a child, and, apparently, I still am. She wraps herself within the covers, tightly, or throws them off sleepily, dependent on the heat or cold of the evening. That quiet observation, in a dim light, there is so much peace for me in those moments. Lucky, lucky mama, I am.

4. I’m trying very hard not to obsess as neurotically as done before. In a way, that’s quite a funny resolution – obsess over the need to not obsess over things as intensely as I always have. I like to think I’m just more aware of my tendency to be overly affected. I honestly envy unaffected people. People who can shrug off distemper, or carry on regardless, in the face of disappointment. Mentally, I feel like I’m training myself to get over things a little more easily. The littlest disappointments don’t pinch me as much. That’s progress for the little girl who still thinks she fat because someone she didn’t know said so when she was nine.



my random (sick) thought for tuesday

I was talking of memoirs with a friend.

And I was wondering if I could get a signed copy of it when they are published one day…

Friend responds: “that way, if you kill me, they are worth more heh”

And it got me thinking…

When does one become famous enough, that you don’t get murdered, you get assassinated?

What’s the difference?

My random thought for the day.

p.s. promise I’ll have something really intelligent to say soon. Possibly even like a picture or two. Am just saying.  🙂

The random thought becomes a meme.

Just mulling over my to-do list. GAH. I have many a random thought though.

So, here they are…my random thoughts for the week:

Word for the week in my head is junkpunch. Heh. As in If I have to hear your stupid arse whining one more time in my life, I am going to junkpunch you into your next incarnation.

Thought for the week in my head is the legacy continues. You actually have to be Larcy to understand what that means.

Thing for the week in my life is liquorice. I have a mild to moderate to maximum addiction to it.

Song for the week in my head is not that frigging anke ditty please for the love of all the pretty things in the world could you get that shit out of my head. No, no, song for the week is Good – Better Than Ezra. Purely because I saw the girls this weekend and it sums up that time of my life for me. Specifically Sarah saying “uhoh” and then ‘purging pink’. You have to actually be Seh to understand what that means.

Food for the week in my belly is dinner. I loved cooking dinner with Cameron last night. Full-scale, unabated, roast potatoes and everything-type dinner. Haven’t done that in a while (don’t call the police on me yet, we do actually eat!). We just hadn’t for a while, had a full-on dinnery type meal with sitting down and not doing eighteen things simultaneously. I forgot how much I love feeding people. I never thought I’d grow up to be like my mom in that regard.

Colour for the week in my life is red. Because that’s what we chose! Waha.

Smile for the week on my face is person. For being a mutual-stalking, crack-me-up, no bullshit divinely-handed you.

Blessing for the week in my heart is that the Universe chose me to be mama to someone so unbelievably alive and unforgivingly herself.

Right. What are yours?

Yep, I’m tagging… it’s been a while so…

Cath – the other well-named superwoman

Sue – well, justbcoz, hehehe

Sheena – poor bitch always gets caught out by me

ExMi – because I don’t think I’ve tagged you enough, ever

Angel – because I think of you every day when I look at my left arm (thank you).

B – Because I Can too!!!

SwissTwist – because I know you’ll twist it