And that’s a Pop!

There’s a new player in the online printing market that I am a little bit smitten with. Hello world, meet PopTex.

PopTex Review

An offshoot of Durban company, Kleen-Tex, that’s been around for almost as long as I have, PopTex is a new division that’s focusing on helping users find nifty new ways to decorate their homes and office spaces.

Because I have that ridiculously talented personal photographer in the family, services like this excite me no end. I am always looking for new ways to display her work and finding new services like this actually makes me need a little lie down because, as the team at PopTex will now tell you, I get a little excitable.

So, how does it work?

It’s pretty simple really! Pop along to their website and choose the size and shape canvas you’d like to create. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be popped straight into their rather fancy online design studio, which allows you to import images from your computer, hook up photos from your Facebook account or make a selection from one of their pre-designed line images, which you can use on their own or utilise as accents for your photographs.

PopTex Review

Here’s the fun part

You can add filters and edit your images within the online design studio, something I really enjoyed doing on the fly, as I created both a collage and an individual print. I can only show you the individual print at the moment though, as the other one is going to be a gift for a very special set of people this year.

Submit, send and deliver!

Not going to lie, I kinda expected a quick turnaround time from PopTex, because we’re in the same city. And by quick turnaround time, I mean, “cool, it’ll be ready in a few days”. But, less than 24 hours later, my orders were delivered to my front door!

The Canvas

Here’s the important part I wanted to tell you about. Whenever I use a photo service like this, I always get antsy about canvasses. So far, I haven’t been disappointed but, there’s a significant difference that sets PopTex apart from the others – and it lies in the canvas. When they say it’s lightweight, they mean it. Lifting my treasures out of their beautifully packed boxes, I was really surprised at how weightless they are. This means we can stick our pictures up in the new house with ease – heck, even Prestik would work with this! They call it FlexiCanvas, but I reckon they should just call it FantastiCanvas. A fully biodegradable canvas, you won’t even need to hammer in a nail to hang up your masterpiece!

PopTex Review                                                                                     PopTex Review

So there you have it folks – my feelings on PopTex. Oh, and by the way, if you swing your way across to their website, you’ll see they’re offering everyone 25% off their first purchase – you know how I feel about bargains when it’s gift buying time!