Randy Pausch

Last night, I went emo.

I won’t lie. I just went emo. It happens. Especially when you’re an overthinking, overcommunicating, overinvesting human being. I still wont apologise for it. And this reminded me why I never should.

After Cam went to bed, I lay on the couch and went totally emo. Worst ever. Bad fringe, guyliner, the whole thing. Pete Wentz would have shat himself in fear of my takeover. Jared Leto would have set up a shrine to me.

And watched telly.

And then this came on. I want you to watch it and to think. watch it here

you can read the transcript here

Two things I will say, is that I choose to be a Tigger, and I SO let my kid paint on my walls. and fuck it, i am not apologising for either of them.

oh, and I’m so using this line:

experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

and i love you still.

i’ve been giving some thought this morning that ‘tremor’.

mother nature’s pissed, don’t be so frigging alarmed. it’s obvious, is it not?

yes, i’ve had my theories on why that happened, but they’re not important here.

instead, i think of still, scroobius pip and moby.

it still amazes and irks me that people don’t listen to silence.