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I’ve written about Camden031 before but today was a pretty extra special day so I’m writing about them again (more on why I popped in at a later stage…). I’m writing about them this evening because, after a morning of fongoolery (it’s a word!) on all fronts, I popped in to get a little inside look at what makes this little black and yellow place tick, and they turned my Tuesday-that-was-all-too-much-like-a-Monday into a sweet day. Just for the record, because I get asked this, this is not a sponsored post nor was I asked to write it.

By now, thanks to a riproaring trade during their first few weeks of being open, you’ve probably heard the words “comedy”; “cuisine” and “good times” bandied about. But, as I learnt today, Camden031 isn’t just your typical night out (it’s open during the day too!)

I’ve known one of the brains behind it, Glen, for years. The other brain behind Camden031? Dave Boyter, who I met today. What’s become very apparent to me after chatting with both of them is that they have not ventured into the insane world of running an establishment with an “eyes closed and hope for the best” approach. Glen and Dave share a deep love for making fine food, and I fear that when I take my kid down there for lunch, she’s probably going to give me a speech about how my culinary skills could do with some work (Thanks guys :P). More than that, they plan for and actively participate in every facet of the establishment’s operations.

The Stanhope. This might just be one the best pictures I’ve ever taken.

Whilst their lineup of events has been, up until this point, primarily focused on stand up comedy and related entertainment, they’re not stopping there. Glen told me today:

“We’ve got a venue that can offer Durban a diverse set of entertainment. We’re looking forward to hosting musicians, comedians and a bunch of events that’ll give our city’s people a unique place to have a little fun”. 

In chatting to Dave, his extreme (he’s not just an excellent chef, he’s also into extreme sports!) devotion to getting things right and creating good in the world is evident. When I asked him about his approach to food, he said:

“Food is life…and life is life. We have to take the tumbles, try everything and confront risks. A lot of the time, very exciting things lie beyond taking that first step!”

As for the food (because, let’s be honest now, I like being fed…), that’s where the Camden031 team like to take risks. I enjoyed an incredible fig-grape-roasted-almond-camembert dessert that I’m currently daydreaming about it again, and sampled some of Dave’s incredible ginger vanilla vodka. He makes it himself, using vanilla pods brought in from Madagascar.

Dave and Glen

As for the rest of the menu, Dave and Glen create new menus each week, making use of fresh seasonal produce and experimenting with what’s available locally.

I want to eat this every day, for the rest of my life.

Maybe the best part for me about Camden031 is that it’s not just a night-time outing. It’s also open during the day for coffee, lunch, cocktails and – yes – there’s free WiFi. Many people have said that Camden031 will be the home of Durban’s comedy scene and I believe that too. But I think it’s becoming a little bigger than just a comedy venue – for me, who is not the late night joller she once was, I see this place as being the “nightclub that’s grown up”.

Camden031 has quite an event lineup over the next few weeks, including Thursday’s Diners/Drive-ins & Dinner, comedy events over the weekend and a scrub-up Sunday lunch too.

I’m looking forward to spending more time down at Camden031 and, if you’re in Durban, I think you should too. 





Durban. You’re doing it right.

Today’s been a busy, busy day. I’m settling down now to fire off some work but first, this day deserves a blogpost. I feel spoilt, proud and excited, all at the same time.


The #DbnBloggerMeet – 25 of us Durban Blogger Gals were treated to the most insane day. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been on Oprah, had Christmas and turned 10 ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Aside from the incredible goodie bags, I loved seeing old friends, making new ones and noshing down on some fantastic food. Most of all, I was so beautifully reminded that the blogging *scene* I’ve been a proud part of since *cough* 2005, has grown. More than that, it’s become a way for so many different types of people to express their lives, capture their important moments and reach out into the world in a way that was previously unknown. It’s funny, you know, looking back, when blogging wasn’t as popular as it is now…back then, not many people understood why it rocked, but the few of us who slogged behind our keyboards late at night hoped, very often, that it’d become something much bigger than just us. And it has. A very, very big thank you to the fantastic organisers, inspirational speakers and amazing sponsors who made this day magnificent. Durban bloggers, you’re a community I always hoped would come alive. And you have.

A sidenote – thank you to these incredible sponsors (and an extra special shoutout to our venue, Hashtag):


And, sponsors:
Carly & Monique from Lenovo. I now miss the Yoga 8 terribly
My prize! I love this phrase.
Not even Oprah could’ve topped this goodie bag
The Fry’s Guy – he’s excellent (and so is their vegelony)
Me & The B. I love this chick. Mostly when she has nice smelling things around *private joke*


And that was how I spent my day. This evening, I popped out for a quick drink to check out Camden031. It opened last night with a full house and tonight, again, they’re fully booked. Best part, for me? Camden031 is a fully home-grown, Durban venue. I’ve spied their menu and cannot wait to eat there, but…here’s a little rant I’ve had for a while. Durban often gets it in the neck for having a less-than-average nightlife. Worse still, if you’re not keen on bopping to the latest Bieber song, you’re pretty much out of luck trying to find something to do at night. Yes, there are a few excellent places to go, restaurants to try out but, guys, I’m no joller anymore. Camden031 is a comedy venue with a heck of a difference. Their focus lies on three things: 1) Patrons having a relaxed, good time; 2) Excellent food and 3) Promoting Durban talent (whether that be comedic, musical or, heck knows what else they have up their sleeve!) I can’t wait to spend a proper evening there! Durban, get keen, because your nights now have a place.



Get keen, Durban!


And, lastly. My home town’s been battling a bit recently, thanks to a bunch of, well, less-than-ideal events. I say, sod that, Durban. You’re one damn fine city, and heck, you rise. I am so very proud to be Durban-proud.


(and nobody paid me 500K to say that)