Smart or suddenly essential? The Mecer Smart Life M785

Our family has become one of those multi-connected, communicate via text and email types. Because our individual schedules have been a teensy bit mental the last couple of months, it’s pretty common nowadays for us to plan our lives via our mobile devices. Juggling all of our busy lives has meant we’ve been missing out on quiet dinners round the table quite regularly and, well, living like this is how it needs to be for a while. We are, however, starting to slow down a bit as we head towards the middle of the year, which is the exact time it seems everyone has a birthday and our schedules go mad again. Haha!

But, I digress. Why am I mentioning all this stuff? Because a little something sent to me to review recently made a big difference to this mad mishmash of schedules and quickly went from being a “device I’m reviewing” to “thing I need before I leave the house, like my keys”.

What is it? It’s the Mecer Smart Life M785. A 7-inch tablet that runs on our favourite OS, Android 4.2.2, it’s impressive Quad-core processor proved itself more than capable of keeping up with the pace of our life right now.

Mecer Smart Life M785

I’m pretty used to my 10-inch tablet, which gives me a lot of functionality I’m well accustomed to and would deem pretty necessary for getting things done on the go. So, I was a little hesitant about the “downgrade” to a 7-inch screen. Within the first day of use though, I realised that I had nothing to worry about. Also, this lovely little gadget fits way more neatly into my handbag than my usual 10-inch and it packs just as much, if not more, punch.


My kid, who is pretty much the biggest user of tablet devices in our house, quickly got her hands on the Mecer device and thoroughly enjoyed downloading a bunch of her favourite apps for it. Soon after I had handed it to her for a look-see, she’d curled up on the couch with it and was saying things like “Mom, I think we need to replace my tablet and buy this one”.

Well, a little look at the retail price means we may just do that. Whilst this tablet sits on a par with other 7-inch and even some 10-inch tablets in terms of specifications, it retails for far less than others. I found it on Takealot for less than R2000! That makes it a damn fine device for someone wanting to shell out for a tablet for kids to play on.

20140411_201100Don’t let its little size fool you, by the way. This tablet is quite hardy, with Gorilla Glass display and folio protective cover. Just so you know, the tablet comes packaged with this cute cover, so that’s not an accessory – it’s in the box!

More than that, I have found this Mecer tablet an excellent asset for my work! I took it with me to a few meetings and a seminar. Super fast on startup and so easy to use, I really enjoyed taking notes with it and then being able to share them with others on the spot.

We’ve really enjoyed being a Mecer family for a fortnight. So much so, that, maybe we will just go with my daughter’s plan! Her birthday is coming up soon. Mind you, so is mine!

For more information on this fab little gadget, check out the technical stuff here  and you can order one via TAKEALOT here.


This is a review post. I regularly review products that my family and I would purchase and make use of in our daily lives. 

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