Durban tastes delicious!

Suncoast Casino is coming to life from 25 to 27 July 2014 with the annual Pick ‘n Pay Taste of Durban festival!

Now, if you know anything about me, it’s that I have a not-so-secret desire to become a restaurant critic, and an all round foodie. I am the latter, because – seriously – just hand me the food, and we’ll worry about the rest later, but – maybe one day – I’ll get the former right! I guess it says a lot that I once (as a part time job in school) delivered pizza on rollerskates, and completely failed on my first day. That’s why I’d rather leave it to the experts, and just enjoy the food!

As you know damn well though, I love my home city, so a food celebration that’s Durban-proud, sounds like a little piece of heaven to me!

Except, this year, Taste of Durban is anything but little!


Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.31.18 PM



Chefs from nine of Durban’s top restaurants will be on hand to create special menus of starter-sized dishes, including their signature dishes. Each menu will be designed to reflect their individual restaurant’s philosophies, whilst showcasing seasonal and premium ingredients. So, what Durban restaurants are participating? Here’s a list:

Not only that, but the three day festival will play host to an incredible bunch of exhibitors and I deeply suspect I’ll need to add on another few kilometres to my daily run routine for a few weeks thereafter!

Having been lucky enough to sample the fare of most of these establishments, I’d make a one recommendation to you if you’re keen on attending Taste of Durban this year:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.45.04 PM


So, if you’d like to foodie it up, book your tickets for Taste of Durban here, check out their website for full festival information here or like their Facebook page.

Lucky for you, the organisers have offered me 5 sets of double tickets to give away, so you can get your foodie on!

To enter this lovely little competition simply:

Leave a comment below, telling me which restaurant of the above list is your favourite, and how many kilometres you think I’ll need to add on to my run routine! 

This competition is only open to South African residents and will close on 10 July 2014. Winners will be drawn from a hat, and winner announcement will be made via video. 

Let’s get the good food on! 

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to all the winners!

18 thoughts on “Durban tastes delicious!”

  1. Having eaten at six of the restaurants and falling in love with them all I found it difficult to settle on one to write about. How I chose my favourite of the bunch was for the reasons I was dining at that restaurant. Little Havana is mine and my boyfriend’s food sanctuary of choice for our birthdays and anniversaries. A restaurant with such atmosphere, outstanding service and beautiful decor. I can not get enough of their tender, taste-exploding Risotto Rump paired with the finest red wines from their wide selection. Then comes the desserts, again I sit back in awe as I am in confectionery heaven and settle on my favourite combination of flavours and order the Espresso Mousse where, if I feel like being naughty, a little bit of port on the side. This dessert is certainly one to impress! Leaving Little Havana on a happy food cloud each time I am satisfied beyond comprehension and am already thinking of when I can next come dine at my most favoured restaurant in Durban. Cath, with such deliciousness that Little Havana has to offer you know you are going to go there for celebrations and good times so as you say, come hungry! You may possibly have to double your run after a scrumptious dining experience at Little Havana but it is all very worth it.

  2. Husband and I are still working our way through Durban’s multitude of amazing restaurants (we’ve only been here for seven months), so I haven’t YET visited all of the venues in the above list. BUT, I can say Freedom Cafe is a photographer and foodie’s dream! We’ve gone back numerous times, and each time, I’m instagramming the hell out of that place! I mean, a restaurant in a container with paper flowers and the most delicious and creatively-plated food and drinks! Add another 2km’s to your run routine, just because you’re awesome like that.

    1. Ooh, I’m a little bit jealous. I want to rediscover all our favourites all over again! hehe

      Tip: Fusion Cafe (next to Cafe 1999), you will probably love, as well. And, I would recommend a night at Camden031 too. SO MANY FAB RESTAURANTS in OUR CITY!!

      2kms? Deal!

  3. Mine is definitely Beluga. Not only is there sushi the best in town, but when they start experimenting with deboned ribs and chicken curry my taste buds do back flips. I won’t even mention their desserts, because if you taste them, you’ll have to add an extra 2 kilometres onto you run.

  4. Beluga Durban is amazing! I cannot wait to bring my love for food back home from London, I think I will start to add some of these places to my new bucket list!

    As for the run, you’re doing so well so far, I think 1 km at a time is always a wise way to increase your distance (especially if you are full up on amazing food!)


  5. Beluga Durban..jus one word when u get there…Fantaaaaaaaaaaastico!!! No need 2add on to your daily routine.. U doing great…sooooooo gorgeous…

  6. Hi Cath

    I have only ever been to 2 of those restaurants so would love to win even just 1 ticket so that I could experience the others 🙂
    (but I’m sure my mum would love to tag along in the eating game)
    The 2 restaurants I have been to on that list are Cafe 1999 and Unity. I was last at Cafe 1999 on my 30th birthday 5 years ago. Food was delicious! Last time I was at Unity was for my friend’s farewell in the beginning of the year.
    My favourite of the 2 restaurants would have to be Unity as I love tasting different and unusual beers, and their selection of craft beers is extensive. I also really like their food, especially their calamari (wish it was served by the bucketload!)
    I have been reading your progress with your run/walk and think you’re doing fabulously, but can also imagine that both you and I will have to add some kilometres on to your run and my walk after all that glorious food. Maybe 2 kilometres (I can’t do much with my dodgy knee) Can we not pretend walking around the actual food fare is excersise in itself. :p

  7. Havana Grill is my fave on that list! But I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at a meal at any one of these great Durban eateries.

    As regards the running, every kilometre run is one kilometre more than the person who doesn’t leave their couch so, in saying that, just being in the road running is amazing! Keep at it and the distance will eventually take care of itself 🙂

    1. Mmmm. You know, I had a birthday dinner at Havana once, in the private dining area I think? It was a very good evening!

      Thanks man! 😀

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