Dear you two

Dear you two,

I’ve been privileged enough to wake up to both of your faces a lot recently. Waking up that way makes every day more than okay. It makes it brilliant, no matter what the rest of the day holds, or throws at me.

I listened to you two, this morning, talking about anything and everything that crossed your wonderful minds and I, I still pre-proper-coffee just listened and smiled.

You two with the silly talk. You two with the laughing banter. You two with the squeezes and hand-holding. You two, always on my mind. I’m always thinking about you, you know. Bedtime stories and happy smiles.

You, you the bigger one. You were there when the tooth popped out. I missed that moment because I was being a responsible parent and looking at schools. You were there and you dealt with it in a way that just simply awed me. Even when you’re tired, you smile at me and hold my hand. Lucky lady, me.

You, you the littler one. We lay in the sunshine reading yesterday and cuddling. Nothing else in the world disturbed us as we counted fairies and wound our way around mazes in pictures from your new almost-favourite book. When you’re asleep at night, I check in on you, and grin. Lucky mama, me.

I marvel. At one point in my life, I thought I would never know love. And now, now I have two loves. Both hilariously funny, both marvellous and clever.

Lucky lady. Lucky mama. Lucky me.

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