Beauties from Beier! (and a giveaway)

I’m short, and by short I mean…people are surprised when they meet me, short.

As a result, I have really small feet. Moreover, I have really wide feet! It makes it near impossible for me to therefore buy shoes, or pants that fit nicely. I’m usually buying one size up on shoes, and having to tack up pant hems by like a metre at a time.

It’s funny though, because – somehow – people step on my toes ALL THE TIME. It’s not like they’re big and getting in the way! Heh. I’m really quite the squished toe, weird-footed two feet and a brick high chick.

This week requires me to be able to kick ass, in a lot of ways. And everyone who knows me, knows that I have asskicking shoes. They’re usually boots, but I think I’ve just changed my mind on this.

I spied a new range from Beier Safety Footwear when I was on their Facebook page the other day.I know, I know – you’re saying, “But Beier make safety boots!” Yes, I know. But did you know that safety boots don’t have to be ugly anymore? 

They’re most definitely not anymore! Beier have created a range called Sisi. Made especially for women in the workplace, these little babies look good in a workshop, fab in a factory and super on a construction site. I really love how they’ve added an interesting, feminine flair to their range and, as I type this, I’m wearing mine. They’re comfortable and I feel powerful enough to seriously kick some ass in these, whilst not having my toes trodden on anymore. Best of all, these babies are South African made!

Cute packaging. I’m a bit of a sucker for cute packaging.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to just read me talking about these comfortable asskickers anymore!

The lovely people over at Beier have given me a pair of these beauties to give away to you!

Disclaimer – not my feet. My kid and I wear the same size shoe. Gulp.

To enter, simply answer the question below in a comment. This competition will close at midnight on 24 February 2014, and the winner will be announced on 25 February 2014. This competition is open to South African residents only. 

You can also check out the full SISI (and other!) ranges on the Beier Safety Footwear Facebook page or follow them on Twitter

The question:

Tell me how you’re kicking ass this week (and feel free to tell me whether or not you’re taking names and/or chewing gum too:P). 

And the Winner is…number 4, Being Angel!

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 07.16.50 AM

**This is a sponsored blogpost**

17 thoughts on “Beauties from Beier! (and a giveaway)”

  1. No for me but for my wife. She is a very busy woman, homeschooling 2 girls, making cool crochet blankets for her nephews. Knitting awesome and different things for her family. But the one thing is the kids love standing on her feet. I have to confess that I sometimes stand on her feet too. I just can’t help wanting her close. I don’t think she will kick some ass but it will save her feet 🙂

  2. LOL! I love my safety boots and could actually use another pair – my job requires PPE fairly often as I have to climb up on high roofs to assess/photograph their condition so that recommendations can be made before they use the cool roof coating that I manufacture and sell. The roofing industry is very much an old boys’ club and as a woman, it’s great to see that PPE suppliers are finally catching up and catering to those of us who kick ass by taking on the old boys and winning, in spite of the odds against us!
    I wear a size 3 safety boot, by the way. 😉

  3. Uhmm… My toes have submitted an entry :

    “Dear Cath, Briget keeps using us as a locator device for furniture and doorways. We are victims to her lack of co-ords and dysfunction. WE think it is due to her height and her being oblivious to exactly what our location is in relation to objects around her.
    Please could you arrange some protection for us as the little guy is looking a little beaten up and the big one has a bruise from last night.
    much love from us ten piggies down under.

    *sigh* .. toes are so whiny!

  4. Oh LAWDY I could use a decent pair of shoes to work in… I spend my working days on my feet and I have yet to find a pair of shoes that doesn’t leave me in agony at the end of a work day! Granted, a measuring spoon doesn’t do too much damage when I drop one on my foot – but a mixing bowl is a whole ‘nother story! And I could do with less bruises and scratches from exuberant guide-dog-puppy feet…
    How am I kicking ass…? I’m kicking my own ass by forcing myself to stick to my work schedule. This is so that I can be done working when my son and my husband come home from work and we can have supper together and be a family.

    1. Heheh. Exuberant guide dog feet can be treacherous! What I’d give for a day in your kitchen again 🙂 Thank you for your entry! (And, damn right, that IS kicking ass!)

  5. Not for me but my gf. She just got a promotion to account manager for a packaging company and has to travel to all these places to check on the smooth running of things. I would think having some safety swag would help on factory floors… 🙂

  6. Not for me but my gf. She just got promoted to account manager for a packaging company and has to travel to all these places to check they are doing things correctly. I think having some safety swag at the factories would fit quite well 😉

  7. I need to kick ass because on top of the usual full-time job, three hours of studying a day and gym I have work meetings/presentations every evening too this week! BUT if I won these shoes I would most definitely give them to my sis – she is fifth year in Civil Engineering (a very male dominated course) and writing her dissertation this year so is spending a lot of time on sites doing research and these shoes would be perfect for her. She kicks ass every day 🙂

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