A meme about me

Angel tagged me for this one…

This here meme’s rules are as follows…
*Post at least five current addictions and why you’re addicted to them
*Link to the creator of the meme and to the person who tagged you… so Haha, I’ve done Angel, and now i’ll do Being Brazen!
*Head your post with “Current addictions“. dang, I already did my heading and i like it! pah! I rebel! I keep my title! waha
*Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules

And without further ado here’re my five!!!

1. Hairbands. Currently anal retentive about them. There must be approximately 7 million lurking around the Shath and yet, we can never, ever find one. So, I’m currently hoarding them in my handbag. Last count was 15. Heavens.

2. Heh. My silver keepitwarmandnoyoucannotdrinkfromittoosodonteventhinkabouttryingthatdumbtrick coffee mug.

3. My Nokia 6500c. Now, I know and I realise that I have always had cellphone addiction but, have you actually met my phone? Seriously. This thing’s so beautiful I’m considering marriage proposals. Further, you know it’s bad when your three-year-old says: ‘Mommy, why are you taking your phone to the bathroom?’. (Ahem. Ahem @ SheBee)

4. Baked potato. Maybe tis the driz weather but I am starting to think I have Irish in me somewhere. I see a potato, I eat it. Now shuttup and hand me that pocket.

5. Today’s short but sweet sickbag from Larcy. I needed it today. Two words: “guide dog” hehe4.

I tag: SheBee, Suetjie and Leez!

And I laugh that I am ending this off on an uneven number =)

4 thoughts on “A meme about me”

  1. a silver coffee mug? wow… where’d that come from?
    as for hairbands, i have a thing for hair accessories in general. i never have enough… even when i shaved my head i kept buying more!

  2. Oh, fuck… okay. Needed something to post.

    Anywho, your facebook note really spoke volumes to me. Don’t usually read em but I guess it was kismet or something.

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