A and The Wolf

Written long ago for a friend who inspires me daily.

A and the Wolf.

“i am not afraid of you” she said

as he hissed and spat before her.

“you could eat me now, tear my flesh but, you’d still go home alone”.

he moved from foot to foot and glowered, moving nearer.

“it is me, you should fear, and not the winds of tonight.
for i am fearsome, larger than you.
I will and I can, rip you into two”

The wolf slobbered and licked his chops, sharpening his leer.
He thought he’d got lucky tonight, finding prey so dear.

She wept.

“It is not for you I shed this tear.
But for your kin at home, waiting near.
You have promised a healthy feast
But you, dumb wolf, are not the beast.
Your children will be saddened at home
For tonight there is no juicy bone”

She turned and walked, the wolf still near.
He wobbled left and sprinted off.

She continued on.
She continued strong.
She continued for so very long.

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