16 years with 12 years experience

yes. it’s true. tomorrow i shall be 16 again! Yes, true, with 12 years experience, but hey, that fits for this year… roll on and wash on over me 1996 again. 😀

I received a note this morning. Funny. I wrote one to myself on Sunday morning (circa 2am post-surprise birthday shindig bestest of all time i have no idea how i got so lucky holy fuck there were 12 candles waha).

I don’t know who the letter is from. I have a damn good idea who it’s from, though.

I’m keeping it forever.

Thank you. I know you’re reading this.

You’ve never been this you before
So unforgivingly open and feeling
Yet so closed to the world.

You are learning to use your exuberance for good
And not to gain the attention of the unworthy ones.

You are leaving your mark without stain
And you’re finally moving up to taking blame for your own pain.

You’ve cuddled and kissed and learnt so much.
You are reaching more than you just touch.

You are still meek and mild
And, look at you,

You are raising a beautiful child.

You are, at last, at one with your mind.
To yourself, you begin to be kind.

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